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The japanese did it first with low-tech pocketbikes but hi-tech pocketbike racing come from Italy where it all started in the late 80's. The Swiss Pocket Bike Championship was created in 1996. This is when the Gruyère Pocket Bike Club (driven by Dominique Berthe) decided to compete against all available swiss pocketbike riders. This Championship has grown up to be one of the biggest in the world regarding the nation's size. It counts over 120 competitors a few of them coming even from nearby countries like France, Austria and Liechtenstein. 8 to 11 races on 8 to 11 different tracks are counting for this championship. Several categories depending on the age and sex of the pilots and on the type of pocketbike (junior, stock or racing prepared) are producing the Swiss Pocketbike Champions each and every year. Juniors are using restricted 40cc / 4,5hp engines but this goes up to the Seniors with 50cc / 16+ hp engines.


Although looking like toys (~55x95 cm) Pocketbike motorcycles are true miniature GP racing motorcycles. Mainly Italian crafted these "mini-monsters" are very accurate in respect to their relationship to full scale MotoGP motorcycles. With floating disc brakes front and rear, tubeless racing compound tires, full fairings, hi-tech polished aluminum/magnesium alloy cast perimeter or tubular-frame and swingarm. All models are available air or water cooled 40cc or 50cc. These motorcycles are works of art in miniature.

GRC RR Midi, 24kg, Bi-Zeta engine 50cc /15hp/~14'000rpm/~75 mph... (copyright©2004 GRC-moto)

Pocketbikes are available in two sizes: mini with a 27" wheelbase and midi with a 30" wheelbase (10% taller for adult use). Engine horsepower choices are available from 4.5 hp/40cc models up to a race screaming 16+ hp/50cc that can hit over 75 mph! One of the top feature in this sport is tuning. Availability of low cost racing-performance and easy-to-get replacement and tuning parts make it easy. All of the pocketbike models can be upgraded and tuned in many different ways depending on your requirement and budget (see all the pocketbike models and makes in the "dealers" page of this website).

Any motorcycle enthusiast would agree that these machines are "Motorcycle Works of Art". Pocketbikes are at their best in sport competition. A factory 6.2 horsepower machine can hit 52+ mph and provides already all the thrills of MotoGP racing. Knee dragging turns and flat out straightaway runs just inches off the ground, these are the thrills that only minimoto racing can provide. In addition Pocketbike racing is the most affordable motor sport. This sport can also provide it's contribution to open-road motorcycle driving security. The very fine riding skills like balance, self-control, agility and fast reaction pocketbike riding is providing will be very helpfull using big bikes on open roads as well.

Transportation of your ride is as easy as a suitcase, at 38-47" long and at less than 50 lbs. They can be transported without any additional support equipment, even in your family car trunk or backseat! Pocketbikes can be raced on private (securized) parking lots or on official Go-Kart Tracks. Pocketbike racing is truly one of the fastest growing motor sports in the world.

These bikes are suitable for any age rider from ~9 year old juniors up to 300 lbs adults. Pocketbikes are the thoroughbreds of minimotos and are therefore intended for competition. Pocketbikes are designed to be used for racing only. They are not designed or approved for highway use and should never be used on public roads. A helmet, protective body gears (front and back), gloves and good shoes should be worn at all times during their operation to minimize the chance of injury. Children under 18 should operate these or any other motorized devices only under the strict supervision of an adult.

Several international MotoGP Champions have started their career on Pocketbikes. The best example is Valentino Rossi. He was Italian Pocketbike Champ twice before becoming 125, 250, 500 and several time MotoGP World Champ. Thomas Luethi is the first Swiss Pocketbike Junior Champion that made it into the Moto World Championship. Quickely followed by Vincent Braillard and Randy Krummernacher. There is no doubt that there will be more swiss top riders to be seen in the future. The Swiss ASPB Pocketbike Championship being one of the best motorcycle champs provider worldwide. Some of them are already up and coming...

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